Tree Top Kids

Tree Top Kids serves children, youth and families in at-risk communities. We make our home in the highest concentration of mobile home communities in the state of Minnesota. There are 26 target communities in a 15 mile radius. We help kids grow in 4 key areas of life: Physical, Mental, Spiritual and Social.

  • Everyday Kids!

    Everyday Kids is an after school program that focuses on tutoring, life skills, community service, and athletics that is based in positive mentoring relationships!

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  • Tree Top Farm

    A weekly destination that engages kids with animals, the great outdoors, farm life skills and a family meal in order to model life, faith and family.

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  • Nehemiah

    Nehemiah Community Outreach is a model for reaching the community through relationships, the simple gospel message, and long term commitment.

    Nehemiah Community Outreach
Telephone: 651-983-5581 E-mail: tony@treetopkids.net