Committed Outreach Model

  • Long Term

    6–8 weeks of consistent outreach giving way to a long term connection.

  • On-Site

    To touch a community, you have to go there...and not just for a visit. Having a place where kids can walk to.

  • Clear Gospel

    Even kids can understand why the gospel is good news. When understood, faith cannot help but grow.

  • Church Connection

    On-site ministry opening the doors to weekly local church ministry. Building strong relationships will continue discipleship and long term transformation.

  • Spiritual Adoption

    A concept to emphasize the commitment needed to sustain long term transformational ministry. Mentoring, transportation, communication with family, and sharing life experiences are all part of being a spiritual parent.

Nehemiah saw a need, the walls of Jerusalem were broken down. With God's help, he would see them rebuilt. It took every family and group...even the perfume makers to rebuild the walls. Each section was built by a group that lived near that part of the wall. It wasn't easy. There were many obstacles. But with everyone working, the job was done.

Today we see communties full of kids and youth that have gaps in their spiritual development. No one is filling that gap with the gospel message. God is calling individuals and churches to go and reach these communities. A huge job, but with everyone taking their section, the gaps will be filled.

Our focus has been mobile home communities, but the model will work in any community. We have seen it work in townhomes, neighborhoods and apartment complexes. The need is not just among the poor, but at every level in society.

Nehemiah Locations

  • Blaine

  • Lexington

  • Moundsview

  • Stacy

  • Forest Lake

  • Wyoming

  • Inver Grove Heights

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