Tree Top Farm

Modeling Life, Faith, and Family — Building a Farm and a Future

Students from Everyday Kids, Nehemiah Outreach Sites, and Partner Agencies experience farm life, learn new skills, grow spiritually and receive love as part of a family. Our dedicated staff and volunteers model healthy living in the four quadrants of life: physical, mental, spiritual and social.


Tree Top Farm Program and Vision

  • Equine Assisted Learning

    Using horses to teach, counsel or just be enjoyed. Young and old learn from the non-verbal communication that puts our inner thoughts and fears in full view while working with these majestic animals. Some of the hardest kids have been melted by the gentle nudge of a wet nose.

  • Animal Care

    Youth build strong character traits like responsibility, work ethic, leadership, team work, and compassion as they learn about and care for a multitude of farm animals. They are also building knowledge and skills that they could use in a future career.

  • Life Skills

    Activities that have value while also being a platform to encourage growth in each of the four quadrants of living.

    Outdoor Activities: Gardening, Camping, Environmental Management, Wilderness Survival, Water Safety, Tree Care, Carpentry, Hunting and Fishing.

    Indoor Activities: Food Preparation, Canning, Sowing, Candle Making, Arts and Crafts.

  • Family Table

    Each visit concludes with a family style meal with a husband and wife mentoring team. The goal is to model family dynamics, such as communication, care, team work, and conflict resolution. This consistent relationship will help translate the farm experience into their current and future home life.

  • Donate Farm Supplies

    Rakes, Shovels, Hoes, Hoses, Gloves, Boots, Jackets, Hay, Feed, Tractors, 4 Wheelers, Saws, Rope, Wire

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Since childhood, I have felt called by God to have a farm for at-risk kids. The dream had stayed on the back shelf as we followed Gods lead to minister to kids in trailer courts. In 2010, God opened our eyes that the call to have a farm and the call to minister to trailer court kids were really one mission.

Kids from outreach and after school sites will come to the farm one day a week during the school year and multiple days during the summer. - Tony Geselle

Farm Giving

3 Ways to Give

  1. Give online through our donations page.
  2. Checks made out to:
    Tree Top Kids
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  3. Automatic Bank Transfer/Online Donation
    Write "Tree Top Kids" as the Designated Ministry and donate here

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